ASCENT. Filippa Barkman & Lisa Him-Jensen. Visningsrommet USF. Friday April 15th, 6 pm.


Filippa Barkman


A S C E N T  is an exhibition by Filippa Barkman and Lisa Him-Jensen. It is the product of a collaboration, which last time materialized in 2013, then as Nattleksjon/Versus at Galleri Langegården. Ascent features drawing, collage and poetry – many separate elements, all of which are explorations of light and darkness.

Filippa Barkman works with drawing, painting and sculpture. Her work is situated within a figurative tradition with surrealist overtones, where themes like transience and identity are central. Her characters stand as metaphors for emotional states – often conflicting ones – and oscillate between different expressions and states of mind. In 2016, her work will also be shown at Konsthallen/Bohusläns Museum.

Lisa Him-Jensen works with drawing, collage, painting and poetry, and with various hybrids of all of them. Her projects take place between visual art and language, where the words may be part of a picture, or have an existence of their own, e.g. as an artist’s book or a book of poetry. In 2016, some of her written work will be part of Signaler, published by Cappelen Damm.

Work by, and information about, the artists are to found at: and

More about the exhibition at Visningsrommet USF’s facebook page.

The exhibition is supported by Konstnärsnämnden, Bergen Kommune and Norsk Kulturfond.