Welcome to the opening of the exhibition Light in the Absence of Light! May 19th at BLOKK.

The exhibition opens 8 p.m. on May 19th at BLOKK, Lille Markeveien 15, Bergen.

Opening hours:
Saturday May 20th/Sunday May 21st, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday May 27th/Sunday May 28th, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Light in the Absence of Light is a collaboration between Henni Kitti and Lisa Him-Jensen. It started as a joint meditation on various phenomena: light, darkness, the weight of words and the various shapes in the universe. The project it has evolved into has absorbed the blackness and scattered lights of deep space, while being centred around a handful of small and medium-sized, very earthly objects, which though limited in scale and reach aspire to something beyond themselves.

Henni Kitti is an artist and a writer. She works with drawing, painting, video and installation. Her debut novel Elävän näköiset (Lifelikes, WSOY), was published in 2014. She views her work as a series of evolutions, in which the subjects transform from work to work; the images and shapes get mirrored and reflected, their remnants get transported from one paper to another, from video to text. It can also be the surface of a drawing or a photo itself which changes shape in front of the viewer’s eyes through anamorphosis or special viewing techniques. All her recent work is tied together by light and optical phenomena.
Website: hennikitti.fresh.li, vimeo.com/user46241162

Lisa Him-Jensen’s practise is situated between visual art and language. She works in different media, mainly text, drawing, painting, collage and books – the latter both as material and as a mode of expression. In recent work, she has also incorporated printmaking and photography. Her projects oscillate between empirical reality and the place where inner and outer realities merge. Here language serves as the thread that holds it all together. She is interested in man as a part and an antagonist of nature, and as an antagonist of his own nature. In 2016, a selection of her written work was published in Signaler, Cappelen Damm’s yearly anthology for new writers.