RAD #7

Rad is a series of singular events curated by Espen Sommer Eide and Anne Marthe Dyvi for BEK – Bergen Centre of Electronic Arts. For Rad #7 we invided 50 researchers and artists and writers to contribute to a manual of NORWEGIAN RHETORIC.

This project is based on the peculiar feeling of growing up in a society with a specific type of all encompassing rhetoric. Gradually we become accustomed and disillusioned by the arguments of the type: “We have to drill for oil in the Arctic to save the environment (otherwise other nations with worse technology will make a mess)”.

The manual will be released in both physical fanzine format and digital copies with the call to copy freely on home printers and institution photocopiers.

More information about the project is to found here.
Launch at Hordaland Kunstsenter on May 15.